Abel Cuvier was the leader of the Splicers. Initially a legitimate businessman who created a genetic manipulation fashion trend in Gotham, eventually Cuvier's wrongdoing ways were exposed and he retreated to Metropolis, where the citizens of the fallen city feared him and referred to him as the Doctor.

Biography Edit

Some time before the Eye War, Cuvier created the Splicers and operated in Neo Gotham where he ran afoul of Batman. During the Eye War, Cuvier headed to the ruins of Metropolis where he resided in the ruins of the Watchtower. Recreating the Splicers, Cuvier began to rule the former city of tomorrow and create new experiments when he could to hide the people from Brother Eye. Cuvier continued his services, offering what he called help following the Battle of Neo Gotham. When Matt McGinnis arrived in Metropolis, Cuvier sent the Splicers to capture him but was pleased when they came back with Batman instead.

Meeting with Prince Tuftan, Cuvier watched as Batman broke free and began to fight the Splicers. Cuvier greatly desired the Batsuit, seeing the advanced weapons system as invaluable. Using false memories and mind control to use the Justice League to his command, Cuvier saw the superheroes as beings whose genes would give him supreme power. Cuvier proceeded to explain to Tuftan taht he desired to create the ultimate mixture between man and animal, rather than become full animal.

As civilization descended further into disarray, Cuvier believed that it would be he who transformed the survivors into beings like Tuftan. With the Justice League firmly under his control, Cuvier sicced them on the ruins of Metropolis - threatening the lives of those who still lived there. Finding Matt attempting to reawaken Superman, Cuvier did it himself and ordered the mind controlled man of steel to kill the boy but was betrayed and attacked by Tuftan. No longer able to control Superman, Cuvier attempted to flee but was easily apprehended by the Kryptonian.

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