Adam One was the founder of Stormwatch and the oldest being in the universe. A member of the Shadow Lords, Adam was an undead tyrant whom, with the rest of the Shadow Cabinet, made it his duty to try and capture Stormwatch. He was so dedicated to this goal that he transformed an entire city to try and do it.

Biography Edit

Dark Ages Edit

Born at the beginning of the universe in the Big Bang, Merlin, the son of Lucifer, was destined to age backwards. Eventually Merlin found servitude in Camelot under King Arthur, where he served valiantly. Some time later, Merlin gained possession of the Holy Grail. The best sorcerer in the world, Merlin trained Madame Xanadu to be the second best. He also made sure to train Jason of Norwich in the magical arts, but did not get nearly as far. During the fall of camelot, Merlin bound Jason to the demon Etrigan forcing the boy to take up the name Jason Blood. Using the Holy Grail Merlin saved Sir Ystin from death but disposed of the artifact soon after.

After Jason Blood, Madame Xanadu, Sir Ystin, Vandal Savage, Exoristos and Al Jabr joined up together, Merlin appeared in a vision to Ystin and bade the troupe the Demon Knights. Being killed, Merlin's corpse was taken to Avalon where he was resurrected and experienced an age surge and took the name Adam One. Under orders from King Arthur, he created Stormwatch. Some time after, Adam trained century baby Princess Janeen and had her join Stormwatch.

Eventually Adam seceded control of Stormwatch over to the Shadow Cabinet, whose Shadow Lords dictated their orders. Nonetheless, Adam continued to work for Stormwatch, aiding them throughout the centuries. Eventually he was killed by the Shadow Lords and made a Lord himself. After Stormwatch divorced itself from the Cabinet, Adam attempted several times to try and capture them. However, all of his attempts were failures, but he remained dedicated to trying and finding them: he even professed he would continue trying until the end of time.

Timeline Deaths Edit

Adam One experienced his birth at the Big Bang several times, sometimes it felt different and other times it felt the same. In one instance, his birth was invaded by the Kollektive who were hoping to have a timeline magenta. The aliens killed Adam at the moment of his birth, altering the history of Stormwatch. This death played out an even twelve times by the aliens before they got it right. The result was a parallel timeline which was eventually wiped out.

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