Adam Strange was a superhero and the cofounder of the Justice League United. The reason the team got together, although Strange's story was tragic, he often tried to overcome the tragedy.

Biography Edit

A professor of anthropology at a Toronto university, Adam Strange fell in love with a grad student of his, Alanna Lewis, whom he soon proposed to. Adam was part of a dig in northern Ontario with Alanna. Heading there to identify a strange skeleton, a strange beam of light surrounded Alanna and took her. Desperate for help, Adam Strange approached Animal Man and Stargirl at a convention in Toronto. Showing the two the skull and device he found at the dig site, all three of them were temporarily transported to an alien planet. Heading off to Moosonee, they found a mass grave and were attacked by aliens. Joined by Green Arrow and the Martian Manhunter, Adam proved to be useless and could not do anything in the fight. However, after discovering the alien base and being attacked by a hybrid creature, Adam stole a spacesuit and alien weaponry but was unable to master the suit in time to help during the fight. Rejoining the other superheroes, Adam joined the continued fight against the hybrid but was teleproted with them to the Deserts of Nagalis, outside Ranagar in the planet of Rann. After declaring themselves the Justice League, the team used the Zeta Beam to attack Byth Rok, allowing Adam to reuinite with Alanna. However, after the Zeta Beam teleported Adam back to the interior of Ranagar and Alanna to the outskirts, they found themselves switching places. When they came in close contact, they discovered the mental trauma caused by the Zeta Beam to be too much and were forced to stay separate from one another.

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