The All-Caste was a hidden group of monks who lived in the Chamber of All.

History Edit

Founded by Ducra to protect the world from the Untitled, beings who had been given their power through the Well of Sins. The All Caste was then approached by Ra's al Ghul, leading to a working relationship with the League of Assassins. Hence, through the All Caste, the League also had a connection with the Untitled. Part of the All Caste's deal with the League was to train Jason Todd until he was ready to become an assassin, at which point he returned to the custody of the assassins. The All Caste was also allied with S'aru, who guarded their gates. In 2011, the All Caste was murdered by the Untitled, shortly after Ra's al Ghul betrayed them. The fall of the All Caste also resulted in the breakup of the alliance of the Untitled with the League of Assassins.

After Jason Todd defeated Ra's al Ghul, he converted the energy of the Untitled to Essence. She proceeded to use it to reform the All Caste.

Members Edit

All the members who stayed with the All Caste until the end are deceased.

Former Edit

  • Jason Todd - Left to return to the League of Assassins.

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