Annette "Annie" Aguila was the daughter of Elena Aguila. She was known for being a teen motocross star.

Biography Edit

After her mother was inspired by the Zero Year speech by Bruce Wayne, Annie eventually moved with her to Gotham City from New Orleans. It was there Annie set up her motocross operation and began dating a biker named Dante. Eventually Annie wanted elope with Dante and move back to New Orleans, but her druggy boyfriend overdoesed. Not long after, her mother was killed in a set up. Knowing Icarus to have caused her death. Erasing her identities, Annie missed her mother's funeral and went out and about to try and find out the source of icarus. Annie, in her following depression, began to abuse drugs and hang out at the Gotham docks. It was here she met the Batman. Returning to her heroin filled apartment, Annie was confronted by Holter of the Kings of the Sun. The biker revealed himself to be her father, giving her a gun and a young gangster named Jonny Lo, whom the biker claimed to be responsible for Annie's mother's death. Given a gun, Annie promptly executed Jonny and shortly afterwards, her father was killed as well. After a short conversation with Bruce Wayne, Annie angrily left Gotham for good.

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