Anya Volkova






League of Assassins, Leviathan

Anya Volkova was a former member of the League of Assassins.

Biography Edit

After the League of Assassins was consolidated into Leviathan, Anya Volkova left and joined Casey Washington in the fight against secret societies, such as the Court of Owls. As she took a Man-Bat Serum vial from Talia al Ghul, Volkova was fearful for her own safety and went to Gotham City. She ended up selling the Serum to Emperor Penguin in exchange for protection from Leviathan. As Emperor Penguin had arranged for a "vacation" for Anya at an exotic location, she was temporarily freed from the fight. However, when she learned that Casey had been kidnapped by the Court she was forced to return to Gotham City.

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