Armando Ramon, Detroit, Michigan






Dante Ramon, Cisco Ramon

Armando Ramon was a soldier of Apokolips who operated under the name of Rupture. Able to travel through interdimensional walls, Rupture was responsible for the deaths of thousands. He was the most dedicated soldier of Steppenwolf to recovering the daughter of Darkseid.

Biography Edit

The eldest of three brothers, Armando was to be the first who was going to university. He hoped that his brothers would follow his example and make the Ramon family proud. One day, though, the three brothers were attacked by a Parademon. In the Parademon Invasion of Earth, Armando was seemingly disintegated, but was actually teleported to Apokolips. There he was trained to be an Apokoliptan soldier, taking the name of Rupture, Armando became one of the best soldiers of Steppenwolf. Under the mighty general, Armando became known as a hound, continually crushing thousands who stood for freedom in Apokolips. Armando continued to operate, even after Steppenwolf's abandon on Earth 2, looking for Darkseid's daughter.

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