Ray Palmer was the microscopic superhero known as the Atom. He was the second to take up this name, after the villainous Rhonda Pineda. An associate of Father Time, Palmer worked under SHADE and only took up the mantle of the Atom after saving the life of Batman. Ray served as SHADE's scientific liasion to the United Nations, ensuring the department not abuse their scientific genius. As time went on, though, Ray ended up evolving from more than just an agent of SHADE, eventually becoming the full on leader of Stormwatch.

Biography Edit

Working for SHADE under the UN and Father Time, Ray Palmer constructed the Ant Farm to house SHADE City. Also contributing some teleportation equipment, Palmer helped locate paranormal threats and monsters for the Creature Commandos and Frankenstein. Eventually, Palmer was tracked down by Superman, who made a request that he use SHADE's technology to save Batman. After he was successful, an inspired Palmer took up the superhero name of Atom and began working for the greater good. As time went on, Ray began to find that all the shrinking he was doing as the Atom was changing him, doing something he could not identify to his brain. Hence, he quit superheroics and dedicated himself full time to SHADE.

Eye Future Edit

After the Earth 2 War, Palmer, still employed by SHADE, grew out his beard. Once Stormwatch went missing, a new technology was needed to save them, forcing Ray to create a method for SHADE to teleport through the Phantom Zone. After reuniting with Frankenstein, the Atom, Amethyst and other agents of SHADE prepared to find Stormwatch. However, in the Zone they were attacked by Black Adam, who Frankenstein barely managed to defeat before they could escape. Arriving to the Carrier's wreckage, Palmer was disgusted to find that all of the members were dead. After transplanting the arm of Hawkman onto Frankenstein, Palmer was shocked to find the winged warrior still alive. After the other heroes went to investigate a distress signal, a distressed Palmer was left in the destroyed Carrier for weeks without his team. Worried, he was confronted by one of the Storm Lords, who named him the new leader of Stormwatch.

Powers Edit

A great scientist, Ray possessed the technology that allowed him to change his size. Being able to shrink down to a microscopic size of mere centimeteres and below, Palmer could potentially be one of the most powerful heroes. However, he used his equipment carefully and in caution.

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