The Great Oracle was a stone being of the cosmos, born at the beginning of the timeline. Once Aurackles of the Lost Timelines, when the Flashpoint occured, Aurackles was transformed into the Oracle.

Biography Edit

Born in the Lost Timelines as Aurackles, when the Flashpoint was occured, Aurackles was reborn as the Oracle at the beginning of time. Able to traverse the Orrery of the Worlds, the Oracle chose a Herald that summoned it to dying planets in the universe of Earth 0. Also choosing to head off to moments where a flux in the space time continuum occured, the Oracle sometimes decided to aid those in need, and sometimes decided to simply observe what was occuring. Present at the destruction of Krypton, the Oracle's Herald later summoned it to Earth and informed it that H'El had caused Krypton to become a space-time anomaly. With the help of Superman, the Oracle set time straight.

The Oracle later traversed to the universe of Earth 2 to see the Second Apokolips War destroy the original planet to bear that name. Returning to Earth 0, the Oracle was shocked by the presence of Telos, which Deimos was pulling into the universe. Unable to comprehend what was happening, the Oracle shielded Superman and Supergirl from the chronal energy that ripped it's own body apart.

Powers Edit

The Great Oracle was a being of chronal energy, which enabled it to see into the future and the past of the universe that it was in. This energy also allowed it to traverse the Multiverse. While the chronal energy was dangerous and gave the Great Oracle the potential to be extremely powerful, instead, the Oracle chose not to fight and observe. If the Oracle did use this energy, it could potentially destroy universes.

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