Baka was a creature from Subterranea who found himself allied with Superman. Baka possessed the ability to metamorphose into a dinosaurid creature.

Biography Edit

As he emitted a lot of geothermal in his dinosaurid phase, Baka was accidentally mistaken for a natural energy source by the Venezualen government. As such, when they attempted to mine him, Baka attacked the team of electrical engineers led by Lana Lang. Baka was attacked by Superman and Ghost Soldier, by the latter with malicious intent. Superman managed to have Baka metamorph back into his humanoid form and gave him residency in the Fortress of Solitude. Baka ended up feeling connected with Lana, and transformed into his dinosaurid form when Superman and Ukur were about to brawl. However, Ukur managed to calm Baka and persuade him to transform back into his humanoid form.

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