The Batcycle was a motorcycle that was used by the Batman. Due to it's durability and technological advancements, it did not go through as many editions as other tools used by the Batman such as the Batsuit or the Batmobile. The Batcycle was the first vehicle used by the Batman.

History Edit

First Version Edit

The first version of the Batcycle was little more than a simple dirtbike with little modifications. It ran slightly slower than it should have due to added mechanics needed to carry the extra weight of the Batsuit. More weight was added via black armour that connected to the top of the front tire as an insignia of a bat.

Second Version Edit

The second version of the Batcycle was changed and made much more technologically superior. No longer was it a simple dirtbike, but rather a motorbike from original design. Holding together the wheels were too long turnable shafts which were connected to the body of the bike. This was to allow for easy turns, lightness and speed. The body of the bike contained slits and holes from which a neon blue light shone, actually electricity that powered the motorcycle. As an added feature, these lights were also visible underneath the tires. Additionally, this edition originally contained a larger frame at the top, but likely due to weight issues, was later removed, exposing many of the blue lights.

  • As the Batmobile had been built by the time the second version of the Batcycle had come into use, it was no longer the preferred method of travel.

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