The Batmobile was a specialized car used by the Batman to easily travel around Gotham City. The Batmobile had gone through several iterations.

History Edit

Third Version Edit

The third version of the Batmobile was the one whose construction gave the Batman a great deal of trouble. He planned on giving it the ability to fly short distances and have a great jump, though his math kept getting messed up. In the end it was Damian Wayne who perfected this Batmobile.

The Batmobile was wider than others, though could still make sharp turns as it was much lighter than previous versions. The Batmobile was also much faster than the previous editions, but as it was lacking in so many other features, was retired shortly afterwards.

Fourth Version Edit

The fourth version of the Batmobile was the edition used most often by the Batman. It was far more sleek than previous versions and had the ability to easily travel over rough terrain. The batmobile could be activated simply through the Batsuit. Much like previous iterations, the batmobile had the ability to go so fast it had to run on jet fuel, prompting the exhaust to shoot out fire.

The car featured more silver than ever before, with the front engine being covered by a silver hood shaped so that it could pierce through objects. The top windshield was held together by a thin piece of metal and encompassed nearly the entire top of the car. The windshield glass was red and while it did not obscure outside vision as much as tinted windows would. Aside from this, the car featured two bat-shaped wings at the end, making it appear more intimidating and giving it the ability to make sharper turns.

The Tumbler Edit

To make an impression, the Batman once used the Tumbler. It was completely different from previous models of the Batmobile in the way that it had armourized platings on it and many more projectiles. This edition had the ability to jump short distances. The Tumbler was, all in all, a more mobile tank.

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