Battle of Gotham City


Gotham City


Leviathan and Batman Incorporated are both disbanded.


Leviathan, Batman Incorporated, GCPD, Spyral


Batman Incorporated: Batman, Nightwing, Robin Leviathan: Heretic, Talia al Ghul GCPD: Commissioner Gordon Spyral: Kathy Kane


The League of Assassins begins to make clones of Damian Wayne.


Night of the Owls


Arkham War

The Battle of Gotham City was a gigantic battle in Gotham City waged mainly between, though not limited to, Batman Incorporated and the forces of Leviathan. Both sides suffered plenty of casualties throughout the entire duration of warfare. Other forces present were the GCPD and Spyral, though their involvement was really to just the minimum of helping Batman Incorporated.

Background Edit

After returning from his jaunt into the past, Bruce Wayne created Batman Incorporated to prevent an apocalypse he witnessed. Shortly afterwards, Talia al Ghul sent Leviathan into action in order to take over Gotham City. Managing to infiltrate the city's infrastructure, as well as an African country, Leviathan's last order of business prior to directly going to war with Batman Incorporated was taking over the League of Assassins and placing Ra's al Ghul under house arrest. With several mercenaries attempting to take the bounty on the head of Robin, Bruce Wayne was forced to disguise himself as Matches Malone in order to take down head Leviathan general, Tommy Merlyn.

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