The Battle of Pittsburgh was a military conflict that occured during the Earth 2 War. It was one of the most destructive battles, resulting in the deaths of thousands of citizens of the city of Pittsburgh. As New York and Washington, D.C were considered priorities, he superhero Firestorm was noted for arriving too late to the battle to stop a gigantic ship from failing and killing Joanna Raymond. Therefore, the due to attention placed on the Battle of Washington, D.C., the Battle of Pittsburgh was a victory for forces of Apokolips.

Aftermath Edit

With the overall defeat of the Parademon Army at the end of the Earth 2 War, Pittsburgh was retaken for the United States of America. The impact it had on Firestorm was tremendous and although the battle may have seemed insignificant in the scale of things for the Earth 2 War, through Firestorm the battle had serious reprecussions on the quest of Futures End.

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