The satellite has been dark since just prior to the war. Presumably rendered inoperable by the invading armada.


The Battle of Space was the very first battle in the Earth 2 War. Also the smallest battle of the war itself, the involvement of Brother Eye mired it in controversy. While relatively brief, with the forces of Apokolips following the residents of Earth 2 to the frequency of Earth 0, the effects of the battle were immense. With Red Arrow and Big Barda remaining in civilian arks, the Earth 2 ships were monitored by Brother Eye. When an entire fleet of Apokolips arrived in pursuit, Power Girl and other shepards went out to engage them. In order to provide room for the civilian arks to make it, the Earth 2 wonders, led by Mr. Miracle, decided to sacrifice themselves. The explosion of their ark gave the other arks enough time to escape to Earth 0.

Aftermath Edit

The Earth 2 wonders did not die, but were rather warped inside Brother Eye. Believing Apokolips to have captured them, they fought against the satellite, forcing it to suffer disabling damage. Nonethless, it held out long enough to deliver them to Project Cadmus with a research team led by Slade Wilson. Brother Eye itself used Wilson to escape to Cadmus Island, laying low long enough to resurface during Futures End.

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