The Battle of the Lodge was an armed conflict that occured during the Eye War.

Background Edit

After the Second Skirmish at New York City, Batman bovwed to rescue Maxine Gibson from a prisoner of war camp operated by Brother Eye. Eventually, with the help of Nora Boxer, Batman learned this place to be called the Lodge. Defeating a Superman Bug, Batman short circuited his suit and was forced to infiltrate the Lodge without any weaponry. Shortly after arriving, Batman found Maxine Gibson with Barbara Gordon.

Battle Edit

Fleeing from the Bugs within the Lodge with Gordon and Gibson, Batman was forced to let innocents die, learning the truth of the world during the Eye War. Attacked by more Bugs, Batman was forced to surrender Gibson who was taken to Inque for processing. Inque quickly discovered the anomalies within the prisoner records and immediately began to process Gibson with Brother Eye. While Inque was glad to learn Gordon was trapped in the Lodge, Eye was more happy that Batman was within the facility, as the Dark Knight of Tomorrow had evaded him since the Battle of Terrifitech. Inque quickly located Batman and Gordon, beginning to brutalize the latter while Batman repowered the Batsuit. Although not fully charged, Batman attacked Inque but found himself outmatched. Defeated by Inque, Batman was taken to be processed.

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