Bizzaro was the name of two attempts to create his own Superman by Lex Luthor.

Original Attempt Edit

After getting a young nobody named Bobby, Lex Luthor promised to make him a new Superman. The young boy, enthralled at the possibility of becoming a superhero alongside his idol readily accepted. However, aftr having his genes spliced with DNA of Superman, Bobby's new cells began to oversaturate solar radiation, causing him to become an unsatiable monster. Blown up by Luthor, the original Bizzaro died with a plea for help.

Project B-0̸ Edit

Forever Evil Edit

Using the DNA of the original Bizzaro, now more human than Kryptonian, Lex realized that he had been given the resources to make the perfect clone. Luthor dubbed this clone B-0̸ and the research Project B-0̸. However, the process would take ten years. After five years, the Secret Society had taken over Earth Prime and to combat them, Luthor decided on creating the Injustice League. Due to being released five years early, B-0̸ resembled the original Bizzaro and was called creature. He was loyal to Luthor's commands, however.

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