The Cadmus Strike Team was a paramilitary organization operated by Project Cadmus head Frank Rock during the Earth 2 War. Dealing with the dirty missions of the war, the Strike Team handled the missions that nobody else ever wanted to perform and often did them in secret. Eventually the team disbanded, only to reform during Futures End to kill Fifty Sue. After the compromization of Cadmus Island, Sue was actually integrated into the team to attack Cadmus Island. However, after Green Arrow destroyed Cadmus, the mission was once again changed to recovering a vault of metahuman DNA but after Sue recovered it single handedly, Mercy took it upon herself to try and kill the girl. Voodoo later left the team to ally with King Faraday, who retired to Command D. For this, she was killed by Frank Rock.

Given that the Cadmus Strike Team was formed during the Earth 2 War, the events of Futures End resulted in the Eye Future and the End Future being erased. As a consequence, the Cadmus Strike Team never formed.

Members Edit

  • Mercy - The toxic member.
  • Mash - The other muscle.

Former Edit

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