Adam Blake was an evolved neo-sapiens, one of the few in existance. An early enemy of Superman, Blake was known for aiding the Oort-Kind in looking to train other neo-sapiens. Blake was also known as the Blake Farm Ghost or the World's First Superman.

Biography Edit

Born in Kansas, Blake would be known for his strange yet wonderful powers. However, after the death of his mother, Blake would be rejected by his father and outcasted. Eventually found by the Oort-Kind, the alien being would take Blake and train him to be a soldier. Becoming the captain of the spaceship the Cometeer, Blake would return to Earth occasionally, meeting with the likes of Emery Zackro and Erik Drekken. Prior to the arrival of the Multitude on Earth, Blake tried to recruit all of the remaining neo-sapiens to the cause of the Oort-Kind, but was thwarted by Superman.

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