The Chaos Shard was a fragment of crystal originating in the Sphere of the Gods. Initially found on Earth 2, it was a power source to a gigantic weapon being developed by that world's US government. The crystal was extremely powerful, able to magnify energy and grant wishes on a multiversal level. This allowed it to defy physics and thus appear magical. Broken, it's powers fractured, a piece of the Chaos Shard landed on Prime Earth where it was recovered by Talia al Ghul and used to rapidly age Damian Wayne. Ra's al Ghul then planned on using it to resurrect Talia and Damian. However, Glorious Godfrey, who had been collecting the crystal shards, arrived and took it, and the sarcophogus of Damian, to Apokolips in the name of Darkseid's son; Kalibak.