Charlotte Rivers was an investigative journalist who had ended up in a relationship with billionaire Bruce Wayne.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Born as one of the illegitamite twin daughters of Mayor Hady, Charlotte would be seperated from her sister, Jill Hampton, early at birth. Later in life, though, she would become aware of Jill's existance and the two would meet, though they would not get along.

Mayor Hady Scheme Edit

Upon becoming an adult, Charlotte would become a very talented investigative journalist, interested in the escapades of the Batman amongst other things. Around this time, her relationship with Bruce Wayne would begin. Using the pretense of an interview, the two would make love in Wayne's office and Charlotte would suggest a real date between the two, though Bruce would postpone. This would give Charlotte the opportunity to try and figure out about the disappearance of Commissioner Gordon from acting commissioner Harvey Bullock. After Gordon was found and rescued by the Batman from the Dollmaker, Bruce and Charlotte would head out to Colorado for the weekend.

Upon returning, Bruce and Charlotte were scheduled to go the new Iceberg Lounge, but Bruce would again postpone. Charlotte would go to the Lounge to try and find out more about the casino, believing it to be run by criminal activists. During her investigation, Charlotte would run into her sister, Jill, who was working with the Penguin. When further investigating, Charlotte would be brutally attacked by Jill and her lover, Snakeskin, who would proceed to try and dump Charlotte's body away. Charlotte would be saved by the Batman.

Charlotte would spend eight months in the hospital recovering from her injuries, she would also learn of Jill's death and would blame herself for it. When presented witha job opening in Paris, Charlotte would accept, seeing the opportunity as a way to heal physically and emotionally, away from Gotham. Charlotte would break up with Bruce and tell him about her new job, though like usual he would appear distant and would leave in a rush.