Edward "Coil" Dutch was a supervillain whose ability to sense electromagnetic grids made him a perfect candidate to break into banks and perform thefts.

Biography Edit

Using his metahuman powers, Coil began a near perfect bank robber until he was stopped by the Flash. Late released from prison on parole, Coil tried to go straight. His criminal past caught up with him as he was recruited by the Key and Plastique to break into the Terrifitech Tower to steal the uSphere. It was only when Terry McGinnis revealed the inside schematics of the tower did Coil agree to perform in the heist. However, when Mr. Terrific exposed Terry, Coil agreed with dumping him. Nonetheless, Plastique managed to convince the heist team to stay together and perform the robbery. After Coil and Key did rob the uSphere, they were betrayed by McGinnis and turned over to T-Tech security. There they were confronted by Mr. Terrific himself, who offered them jobs if Key revealed who hired them. Upon Coil's acceptance, Key revealed it to be none other than Bruce Wayne.

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