Commissioner Gillian Loeb was a corrupt police officer in charge of the GCPD. He often associated himself with Falcone's Mob and made no effort in stopping the illustrious family from corrupting the city. Even he, however, had no business with the Red Hood Gang.

Biography Edit

Due to his connections with Falcone's Mob and willingness to take bribes, Gillian Loeb quickly rose through the ranks at the GCPD. He was quite uncaring, believing that Falcone's Mob would keep him safe, which they did until the Batman appeared and started dropping off mobsters at GCPD precincts. Loeb often resented the Red Hood Gang, but often had Lieutenant Gordon, a known honest officer, try to deal with them. Loeb even had connections with the Black Mask Gang, once making a deal with Roman Sionis to try and get rid of Gordon. However, after the Zero Year, the public rose up against the varius supercriminals that had arisen in the city and demanded honesty from the GCPD, and due to this, Loeb was forced into retirement.

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