Deimos was a supervillain and survivor of the Lost Timelines who managed to become a major force of power during Convergence.

Biography Edit

From the Lost Timeline of the Hollow Earth, Deimos once resided in the city of Skartaris. Before the Hollow Earth's destruction, the Brainiac God arrived and made a copy of Skartaris, allowing it's timeline to survive on even though it had actually ended. Before the dome fully encased the copied Skartaris, Deimos was present when seers had visions of the Earth 2 survivors. For an undisclosed time, Deimos lived on Telos, powerless within the domes. When the domes came down to start Convergence, Deimos tried to flee but was attacked by the robots of Brainiac. Saved by the Earth 2 survivors, Deimos quickly informed them the seers' vision and realized that together, they could escape Telos.

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