Demons were strange and mysterious beings that existed in the dimensions outside of the Worlds of the Orrery. Known for primarily inhabiting Hell, with a certain few in Purgatory and one especial one in the Dead Zone, the subrace of Parademons were known to be completely subjugated by the vicious Darkseid. Certain New Gods, including Kaiyo the Trickster, were technically demons as well. In Lucifer's Circle in Hell, many of his created Hellspawn, including Etrigan, existed. These demons were mostly red eyed and reptilian looking creatures out of fantasy novels. Outside of Lucifer's Circle, more dangerous and powerful demons lived in a Hell dominated by Lord Satanus. Under Satanus' cruel tyranny lived the archfiend Trigon, Neron and the deadly Azazel. In the Dead Zone lived perhaps the most powerful demon of all time, the embodiment of death itself: Nekron.

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