The Deterrence Skirmish was a battle fought between Batman and the Jokerz during the Eye War. It marked the first activity of a Batman in Neo Gotham in months as well as Tim Drake's first appearance in Gotham in over thirty years. An easy battle for the experienced vigilante, the skirmish was over quickly.

Background Edit

After the Brother Eye decimated New York City and destroyed most of the city, it set its sights on Neo Gotham. That city, however, was protected by the work of the Veil. Certain members of the Jokerz, feeling that Gotham was high and mighty while NYC had fallen, decided to try and take down the Veil.

Skirmish Edit

Breaking into the Wayne-Powers Corporation Complex for Deterrence, the Jokerz used the bodies of company officials to break into the main chamber of the building. Disengaging the Veil, they were quickly attacked by the returned Batman. Defeating the first two thugs easily, Batman moved on to the third one, who was prepared to destroy the Veil.

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