Doctor Phosphorous was a Supervillain enemy of the Batman.

Biography Edit

A professor comprised almost wholly of heat and radiation, Phosphorous had one daughter, whom he named Princess Tinderbox. Phosphorous and Tinderbox always had arguments about her marriage, but eventually he gave in. Phosphorous' supervillain activities were thwarted by the Batman, though Phosphorous and Tinderbox managed to escape to the Gotham Underground. In Charneltown, Phosphorous led a tribe and encountered the Catwoman there, using her for his own purposes. Later pulled above ground by the Crime Syndicate, Phosphorous joined the Secret Society. After the Arkham War, Phosphorous was one of many supervillains locked up in Arkham Asylum. There he began to be haunted by Deacon Joseph Blackfire, however, he would not stay in the Asylum long as the Penguin would pick him up. Due to his association with the Underground, Phosphorous began to both investigate it's current state and fight against Carmine Falcone.

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