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Caldwell Technologies

E.D. Caldwell was a rich American industrialist, the richest man alive in 2013. Although his attitude was quite sour and turned many off, Caldwell Technologies helped many people, especially police and other forms of security. Ironically, Caldwell himself operated as the cop killing serial killer the Wrath. Due to his operations in Gotham City, Caldwell was opposed by the Batman.

Biography Edit

A native of Gotham City, Caldwell spent most of his adolescent and adult life away from the city. This was due to his father being murdered by police officers. E.D. used this time to build his industrial company, Caldwell Technologies, and hone his fighting skills. Due to his immense hatred of cops, Caldwell needed to alibi himself and Caldwell Technologies began to supply new gear to the police. Caldwell also had employee Francine go work for, and eventually marry, Kirk Langstrom. This was so that Caldwell could get a hold of the Man-Bat Serum, but this plan was put in jeapordy when Kirk himself became a Man-Bat to save Gotham City.

When he became the Wrath, an Anti-Batman, Caldwell himself would not be a suspect. After hunting down a few policemen, Caldwell found a partner in the Scorn. As Caldwell, E.D. decided to try and become the top industrialist and buy Wayne Enterprises, to gain access to Batman Incorporated tech, but was turned down twice. After watching Scorn perform, the Wrath decided his partner was not good enough and killed him. The Wrath then approached Jane Doe about infiltrating the GCPD, which she successfully did.

Out killing cops, the Wrath ended up fighting the Batman. Though the Wrath won the battle, he spared the Dark Knight in order to later test out more Wayne Enterprises technologies. Caldwell later had a business meeting with Bruce Wayne during which he uncovered Batman Incorporated agent Alfred Pennyworth snooping around in his armoury. The Wrath then kidnapped Pennyworth and used the Caldwell tech he provided the GCPD to neutralize the entire police force. However, after battles with the Batman, E.D. learned the truth behind the officers who murdered his father and was defeated by the police force and taken into the pentitentiary systems. Incarcerated in Blackgate Penitentiary, learning that his father's name had cleared did no good for Caldwell, but rather ended up getting him acquained with Emperor Blackgate.

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