The heroes of Earth 11.

Earth 11
was one of the many universes in the Worlds of the Orrery. Although it was much closer to Earth 0 than many of the worlds in the multiverse, it was unique in that it's timeline diverged when the Amazons of Themyscira decided to share their knowledge and influence the course of events. Instead, the men secretly lived on Elysium Island. Eventually, Wonder Man would arrive in America from Elysium to spread his knowledge. As such, many famous and iconic figures, such as Batman and Superman or Aquaman were actually Batwoman, Superwoman and Aquawoman. Even pop stars as Lady Gaga were changed into Lord Gaga. Queen Victoria was King Victor and John F. Kennedy was Jackie F. Kennedy. A group known as the Freedom Fighters also existed, although the universe was still largely matriarchal.

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