The villains of Earth 3.

Earth 3
, also known as Universe 3 or the Anti-Matter Universe, was one of several Earth's found in a universe of the Multiverse. It was credited as the birthplace of evil, for the Mother Box that was Pandora's Box originated there, allowing the Seven Deadly Sins to go free on Earth 0. Earth 3, much like Earth 2, diverted from Earth 0 during the Metahuman rise. However, while Earth 2 was similar to Earth 0 in many respects, Earth 3 was a twisted mirror. Good and evil were reversed in almost every way, with conquest and destruction being rewarded and revered. Thus, the Crime Syndicate reigned supreme over the Earth, fighting the bloodthirsty and egomaniacal "hero" Mazahs. Ironically, in a world of the celebration of destruction, all was almost wiped out by the Anti-Monitor, leaving only ruins and near dead survivors. With Earth 3 destroyed, the agents of the Crime Syndicate, those that survived, fled to Earth 0.

Universe 3 was founded on no free will, and at the center of it was the Anti-Life Equation. At the center of Universe 3, the planet Qward eventually materialized. When Mobius transformed into the Anti-Monitor, he drained all of the Anti-Life from the center of the Qward into himself. Beings of Qward had multiple ways to travel to Universe 0, with the Weaponers of Qward always seeking tools to further their warmongering ways.

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