Ephraim Newhouse was a Talon working under the employ of the Court of Owls. After being given the life regeneration compound of Victor Fries, Ephraim would be reawakened in order to combat the allies of Batman.

Biography Edit

Colonial Talon Edit

Ephraim would be selected and trained by the Court of Owls in Colonial Gotham City. After finishing his training, Ephraim would become an excellent Talon, except for his sense of honour. One day, his honour would get the better of him and instead of killing his opponent, he would offer the victim a chance to fight back. This would prompt the victim to flee, forcing Ephraim to chase him. This would further complicate matters as Ephraim would end up in the presence in a large group of British soldiers, whom he would be forced to kill, but would end up losing a sacred Talon dagger. Due to losing the dagger, the Court would decide to retire Ephraim and begin searching for their next Talon.

Night of Owls Edit

When the Night of Owls would dawn upon Gotham City, Ephraim would be given Victor Fries' resurrection agent and sent to kill the Penguin. There he would get into a brawl with Catwoman and Spark, who sought to steal the Talon dagger from the Penguin. When Ephraim would see Penguin with the dagger, he would seek to take it back for redemption. He would then try to reason with Catwoman, who had the full set of daggers with her, and he would try to bargain for them, only to be shot in the head and killed by Penguin, with his body being deposited above the GCPD building and then put into a freezing storage by Alfred Pennyworth.