Ethan Boyer was a psychopathic criminal who had run afoul of Superman. In spite of his visible psychosis, Boyer was still the premiere mind in genetics research.

Biography Edit

Ethan Boyer was a genius mind, being able to claim to be smarter than even Lex Luthor at one field: genetics. Meeting Kitty Faulkner at the Paris Genetics Conference, Ethan claimed to be working for STAR Labs, but was in reality a member of Project Cadmus. Starting his work in a genetic experimentation lab, Boyer later abandoned it as his many lies were catching up with him. After hacking into the Earth Card system by getting DNA off of dead Earth 2 soldiers and using them to frame Prime Earth citizens, Boyer was arrested, unaware that he had been betrayed by King Faraday. This resulted in him being locked up during the Earth 2 War and subjected to experiments. However, he nonetheless kept it rigged with energy weapons. He was later caught by Superman and placed in the Metropolis Armory Ward. There, he was broken out of prison by Rampage whom he learned to be Kitty. After she demanded he change her back, Ethan manipulated her into losing even more control so that he could evade Superman.

Later forced by Fifty Sue into returning to Project Cadmus, Boyer joined a team including Cole Cash and Lana Lang. Due to his arrogance, Boyer had has hand turned into sand by Sue. Shortly after Brother Eye helped defeat the Brainiac God, Boyer was forcibly brought to Command D by King Faraday.