The world Master Terry came from featured more widespread destruction. His Gotham was virtually obliterated.


The "Eye World" was the name applied to Earth 0 as it progressively became more and more in control of Brother Eye as the Eye War passed on. The Eye World was not much different from the End Future, a similar dystopian world. There were several differences though between the Eye World and the End Future, however, but all in all, they were both worlds controlled by an evil sentient artificial intelligence. The most defining characteristic of the Eye World was the Moon, which had the mainframe of Brother Eye implanted into it.

Characteristics Edit


The destroyed once great New York City.

The severity of the Eye World was seen most clearly in New York City, which had been ravaged and destroyed, left an apocalyptic wasteland. Abandoned by all human life, the city was a prison to Mr. Terrific, who refused to even walk out of the Terrifitech Tower. In the Battle of Terrifitech, even this was destroyed by Brother Eye, who controlled an orbital missile platform. The Eye World was populated by Bugs, who were the cyborg metahumans converted by Brother Eye using Nanotech Ebola. As such, the Seeds were also very populous, but nowhere near as powerful as the Bugs. Brother Eye also had POW camps where it held many members of the Resistance that it did not convert into Bugs or Seeds.

End Future Edit

The End Future was much like the Eye World, with the two being dissimilar at first glance. However, the End Future was much more chaotic than the Eye World and there were several discrepancies between the two of them:

  • In the End Future, Brother Eye relied on the Firestorm Battery to power the Bugs and the Seeds.
  • In Eye World, only New York City was destroyed by Brother Eye. In the End Future, NYC, Gotham City, Metropolis and Central City had all been destroyed.
  • The End Future was policed by a ruthless and vicious evil Frankenstein.
  • In the End Future, Frankenstein killed Flash instead of turning him into a Bug.
  • In the End Future, humanity had mostly been killed off, whereas in Eye World, it was thriving, albeit suffering under the reign of Brother Eye.

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