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The False Face Society was a group of gangsters led by the Black Mask. The Society, due to the members unquestionable loyalty to Mask, became a great deal of trouble for the GCPD. Though the Society's tenure at the top was short lived, they managed to see more illegal business done and be a far more dangerous force than the Penguin's Empire or even the Red Hood Gang ever were.

History Edit

After Roman Sionis formed his mask out of the wood of his father's coffin, he learned the powers of mind control. Taking in his most loyal criminal allies and having them obey his every will, the newely named Black Mask became Gotham's criminal kingpin, exceeding even Oswald Cobblepot. However, as his actions were public, he was hounded by the GCPD and Batman. With the Black Mask stopped, the society faded away, waiting in secret for their leader to return.

When Jeremiah Arkham became the second Black Mask, despite becoming a reputable gangster, he did not revive the False Face Society.

After escaping Arkham Asylum, the Black Mask attempted to reform the society, but was opposed by the Mad Hatter. Due to the Hatter's interference, the Batman was able to end the society once and for all.

Members Edit

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