I'm not your babysitter. I thought you'd get over it by now. But I was wrong. But it's not just Green Arrow. You two have never been able to get past yourselves and look at the bigger picture. Do you have any idea how powerful you truly are when you work together? Do you realize the potential you have? The world needs Firestorm. Change... get over it and get back to work.


Firestorm was the name given to the superhero transformation of either Jason Rusch and Ronnie Raymond or Jason Rusch and Madison Payne. While the duo of Rusch and Raymond initially operated as two separate Firestorms, as time passed, they chose to merge together: becoming one single entity shared by two minds. In these situations, Jason was often limited to thinking, advising Ronnie how to proceed. The hero of Firestorm was quite powerful due to the manipulation of molecules.

Powers Edit

Firestorm has the ability to restructure and manipulate the molecules of organic fire, allowing him to cause the combustion effect. This was what gave the nuclear man his control over inflammability. When becoming Fury, the strength of the nuclear man and his limitations were drastically increased and decreased.

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