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Francine Langstrom was the wife of Kirk Langstrom, the Man-Bat.

Biography Edit

Originally a worker under E.D. Caldwell, Francine was sent to work for Kirk Langstrom. After marrying him in order to get closer to the Man-Bat Serum, the duo enjoyed a happy life. During the Battle of Gotham City, though, Francine's life began to fall into pieces with Kirk became torn over regret after witnessing Leviathan using ninja Man-Bats. Her marital life worsened when to save Gotham from a Man-Bat plague, Kirk transformed himself into the creature. Hoping to reunite with her husband, Francine turned herself into a Man-Bat, waking up under a bridge next to Kirk. Francine became addicted to the serum and when she could not find anymore, took Kirk's notes and made a new Man-Bat serum, but with the DNA of a vampire bat. Whenever Francine transformed into a Man-Bat, she became much more aggressive and even killed people. When Harvey Bullock suspected Kirk of these murders, due to how he saved Gotham from the plague, Francine alibied for him, and let Kirk know that she too was becoming a Man-Bat. Kirk and Francine both transformed and battle each other, with Francine escaping into the night. Becoming the "Bat-Queen" Francine began to use regular bats to murder innocents. This attracted the attention of the Batman who used Kirk to stop her and take her to Arkham Asylum. After being freed by the Secret Society, Francine was one of the first to fall victim to Kirk's vigilante justice.

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