The Creature of Frankenstein was a sentient being that was created from the body parts of several different beings and then brought to life by Victor Frankenstein. After the death of Victor, Frankenstein found employment in the agency known as S.H.A.D.E. and worked there for a century.

Alternate Futures Edit

End Future Edit

In the End Future, Frankenstein became the main agent of Brother Eye. Becoming the last sentient agent of Brother Eye, Frankenstein grafted the face and throat of Black Canary into himself. This allowed him the use of her debiliating Canary Cry. He then confronted the Flash and offered him a chance to willingly join Brother Eye, after being refused, Frankenstein used the Canary Cry to kill the world's fastest hero. Frankenstein then left to find his next target. Collecting the near dead body of Bruce Wayne and depositing it in Arkham Asylum, Frankenstein proceeded to collect the Joker as well. Performing surgery on behalf of Brother Eye, Frankenstein transformed the Batman and the Joker into a hideous Bat-Joker cyborg.

Eye Future Edit

After growing disillusioned with SHADE, Frankenstein left the group and began to hide out in the Himalayas. Eventually, though, he was attacked by a SHADE robot, which forced him to locate and confront Father Time. Learning of the death of Stormwatch, Frankenstein agreed to acompany Ray Palmer and Amethyst through the Phantom Zone and to the wreckage. In the Phantom Zone, Frankenstein was attacked by Black Adam. He barely managed to defeat the villain and lost an arm. Arriving at the wreckage of Stormwatch, Frankenstein's arm was replaced with the arm of the seemingly deceased Hawkman. Frankenstein's body then began to adapt to the Nth Metal while Hawkman woke up to find his arm on Frankenstein.

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