The Gentleman Ghost Jim Craddock was a tormented spirit who sought a way to control the dead and restore life to himself, no matter the cost. This damned crusade of his brought him into conflict with Hawkman.

Biography Edit

A highwayman, Jim Craddock was a villain and a knave from the start. Eventually, though he fell in love with a woman, Pauline, much to the disdain of her mother who was a witch. The witch orchestrated the death of Craddock's love and soon his after incapacitating him with hired thugs. Hung to death, Craddock arrived in Hell where his ghostly ambitions began. His soul, however, was owned by the witch who forced him to perform ghostly misdeeds until her death. Over a hundred years later, Craddock began his search for the Mortis Orb, becoming the Gentleman Ghost. Realizing that he could manipulate Hawkman and the Nth Metal, he decided to try and do so in New York. After finally finding the Mortis Orb, Craddock used it to unleash zombies on New York. Although he was about to use it to bring himself back to life, Craddock was stopped by Hawkman and banished back to Hell.

However, as usual, Craddock did not stay there for long. Escaping, he had an encounter with the Batman in Gotham City who managed to use the Nth Metal to repel the ghost. He later joined the Secret Society after the Crime Syndicate took over. Continuing to reside in Gotham City, Craddock fought Batwing but was again repealed by Batman. When trying to recover a jewel that belonged to Pauline, Craddock came into conflict with Precinct 13 and was banished by the Spectre.

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