Ghost Soldier was a Metahuman sent to kill Superman. His molecules were able to shift in and out of physical tangibility, making him one of few Metahumans to actually pose a threat to the Man of Steel. However, unlike many of the Metahumans to go after Superman, the Ghost Soldier was not a villain, but rather a military soldier under the employ of the Venezuelan government.

Biography Edit

Due to the Metagene being a part of his genetic makeup, Lieutenent Sawyer of the Venezuelen military was gifted with unique powers. However, these powers only activated after death, placing him under the control of Harrow. Acting in covert operations for the Tower, when Superman arrived to take down a strange beast in Venezuala, Sawyer, now the Ghost Soldier, was sent to take them both down. Due to his unique set of powers, the Ghost Soldier was able to harm Superman, but nonetheless ended up no match for the more experienced crime fighter. However, the two eventually ended up coming to an agreement regarding the creature. Nonetheless, Ghost Soldier continued his investigation of the creature and began to follow Lana Lang. Eventually, Superman had enough of Ghost Soldier, incapacitated him and delivered him to Harrow. Ghost Soldier later defected from Tower and travelled to the Phantom Zone to discover how Doomsday escaped, aiding Batman and his team.

Powers Edit

The Ghost Soldier had the ability to manipulate molecular tangibility. Hence, he was able to shift in between physical form and a state of intangibility, allowing him to cut even the hardest of objects.

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