Glorious Godfrey was a high ranking soldier of Apokolips. When the Batman was fighting Ra's al Ghul at Nishapur, Godfrey, with a part of the Parademon Army, arrived via Boom Tube.

Biography Edit

One of the greatest soldiers of Apokolips and in charge of the Justifier Army, Godfrey was sent by Kalibak to retrieve pieces the Chaos Shard from Prime Earth. Arriving, he found the sarcophagus of Damian Wayne to be emmitting energy similar to that of the shard. In the ensuring Battle of Nishapur, Godfrey and his Parademon and Justifier armies fought Batman, Ra's al Ghul, Frankenstein, the League of Assassins and the Justice League. Although Godfrey lost the military battle, he was able to retrieve the sarcophagus and the shard and bring them to Kalibak.

Powers Edit

Godfrey, due to his status as a New God, had enormous strength. It made him much stronger than any human, although still weaker than some alien races.

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