Gothtopia was a strange event that transformed Gotham City into a utopia where the only way to survive was to believe. The event made Gotham the safest and happiest city in the United States of America, being almost crime free.

Background Edit

Hoping to delve deeper into his already immense understanding of fear, Scarecrow created a new batch of chemicals and created the Contentment Sedative. This serum ended up relaxing victims, allowing the Fear Toxin to have a more potent effect on them. Also gassing Killer Croc, Professor Pyg, Nocturna, Flamingo, the Merrymaker, Harley Quinn, Black Mask, the Penguin and Victor Zsasz, Scarecrow managed to take over Arkham Asylum. Using the asylum as a base of operations, Scarecrow began to pump the Contentment Sedative out into Gotham City, eventually transforming it into a utopia. Yet when night fell, Scarecrow and his "medical staff" went out into Gotham themselves to conduct fear experiments.

Chronology Edit

Wholly engulfed in the mysterious world of Gothtopia, Batman donned a new white costume while Catwoman became Catbird, both Batman's partner and lover. Poison Ivy, aware of Scarecrow's machinations, began to rampage in Gotham to try and "reawaken" it, but was stopped by Batman and Catbird. Around this time, Batman became aware of the high rate of suicides. Discovering a thorn planted in his neck by Poison Ivy, Batman began to snap back to reality and awaken from the effects of the sedative. However, Catbird, fearing for his safety, used the Batman Family to send Batman to the Crane Center for Health and Wellness, which the dark knight quickly recognized as Arkham Asylum.

As the identity of Batman was unimportant to Scarecrow, while keeping Batman prisoner, he never decided to find out. His allies were also too drugged to try and perform the same action. Recognizing Poison Ivy's immunity, Batman teamed up with her to try and stop fear. When Batman tried ot leave the asylum, Scarecrow used the drugged members of the Batman family to try and force the dark knight to spread Fear Toxin. Agreeing, Batman made sure that the medical staff only attacked known criminals. Finding Scarecrow plotting to send out blimps full of Fear Toxin out into Gotham, Batman made sure to smuggle the cure into the dirigibles first. When the dirigibles exploded and the cure spread, Batman dispatched Scarecrow.

Aftermath Edit

All of the villains were then locked up and placed behind bars, while Poison Ivy was let free to go. Batman and Catwoman then met up again, each remembering being in love, but Catwoman unable to remember the caped crusader's identity. Scarecrow, subjugated to the insanity of his own Fear Toxin, then spent weeks in a madness of his own design before returning to "normal".

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