Graves formerly known as David Graves was a supervillain who held a personal grudge against the Justice League. Credited as the man that named the League, David Graves would go missing at one point in time, only to resurface as the villain known as Graves.

Biography Edit

Writer Edit

David Graves was a well off writer with a few hits mostly detailing on the supernatural and the possibilities of their existance. David would eventually marry and have two children, enjoying his time with them, he would distress greatly when he was caught in the middle of the Parademon Invasion of Earth. However, after seven heroes would stop the menace, and later the menace of Starro the Conquerer, David would write a novel about the book, Justice League: Gods Among Us. Soon after, though, David would lose his family and be stricken by a near fatal plague caused by Omega radiation, and would blame the "Gods" that he "christened" for being unable to help him.

The Asura Edit

Deciding that if the heroes could not save him, Graves would set out to save himself. Searching for Mount Sumeru, a place David had once written about, an area that only the near dead could reach, the terminally ill writer would find the Asura. With the help of the Asura, David would manage to save himself and gain deadly powers, but he would refuse to let go of his revenge against the Justice League.

Graves Edit

Taking the moniker Graves, David would torture many supervillains who fought against members of the Justice League and would eventually torture Colonel Steve Trevor. Making his way to the Watchtower, Graves would attack and quickly subdue the League thanks to his newfound powers. However, the League, in a rematch, defeated him and sent him off to prison.