Harvey Bullock


Gotham City







Lieutenant Harvey Bullock was one of the lead detectives at the GCPD, he was also known for being one of the few who actually managed to talk to the Batman.

Harvey Bullock Edit

An alcoholic and a drinker, Harvey Bullock joined the GCPD. Despite his many flaws, Bullock proved to be a wonderful officer and quickly made detective sergeant. Due to being an honest officer, Bullock rescued Lieutenent Gordon during the Zero Year from corrupt officers. As a detective, he was the best at his craft and quickly became the head off all the other detectives. However, he was also inept and was kidnapped by Jane Doe, which resulted in him being demoted down to sergeant. However, he quickly managed to make it back to lieutenant very quickly. Bullock, due to his unique attire, was one of few who was spared of the Wrath's attack.

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