Hell, also known as Sheal or Jigoku, was the burning Iron Palace of Torment. Consisting of many, many layers, Hell itself was not available to all of the demons that resided there, with some being unable to enter other areas. Deep inside the pit was Lucifer's Circle, where the fallen angel presided over his own dominion with limited access, mostly through the House of Mystery, to the outside. In Lucifer's Circle, many demons existed and there was a rigid hierarchy that followed a feudal structure mirroring that of the Middle Ages of Earth 0. In the Circle, the demons obeyed Lucifer's reign as if he was their king, rebelling against him only once by following Etrigan. Although a place mostly of torture, Lucifer's Circle was found boring by the devil himself.

Many areas of Hell were unknown to most and unavailable to even Lord Satanus, the king of the Hell himself. Satanus ruled over Hell as a cruel king, judging the souls that came in from the Multiverse and not tolerating the interference of the likes of the New Gods. Under Satanus, the likes of Abnegazar, Ghast and Rath existed as agents of evil. Perhaps the second most powerful force in Hell was Azazel, who thrived in it's environment. Other demons, like Neron, Trigon and Belial served as generals, conquering areas in their own name while still considering themselves citizens of Hell. Of these conquerers, Trigon was the most powerful, nearly getting control of all of the Under Realms and raising an army powerful enough to threaten Earth 0 and receive no reprimands from Satanus himself.

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