Helspont was a Daemonite military general who would be exiled from his homeworld.

Biography Edit

Prince Artus of the Greater Daemonite Empire was a military general who had conquered various star systems. After the death of his wife, Artus blamed genetic splicing, which the Daemonites had actively partaken in. Banished to the Eye by those who feared him, Artus took up the name Helspont.

Thousands of years later, the Eye crashed and Helspont fortged a base on Earth. He wished to return to the Greater Daemonite Empire and take his revenge, a task which he tried to do with the aid of Superman. However, the Man of Tomorrow rejected Helspont, leading into a fight between the two, which Helspont failed to win. Nonetheless, using his pawns Niko and Synge, Helspont captured Cole Cash and fought him after which he faked a loss.

However, the former general was not done with Superman as he later, while attempted to capture Hawkman and Starfire, explained his actions and applauded Superman on his vigilantism. He did, however, state that he would tame Superman if necessary and revealed his knowledge of Jor-El.