Henry Ballard was a Talon trained by the Court of Owls who was very reckless and wanted to rid Gotham City of the poor and homeless.

Biography Edit

Riots Edit

After becoming the new Talon of Gotham City, Henry would begin to try and eradicate the poor of Gotham City. This would eventually spark a riot in 1842 which Henry would get involved with, Henry would end up ending the riot in a bloodbath by killing the poor. Sometime after the riot, the Court would decide to retire Henry.\

The Night of Owls Edit

Henry, like other Talons, would be given the ressurection compound of Victor Fries and be awoken to fight during the Night of Owls. Henry would be attacked by the Birds of Prey after first attacking Poison Ivy and would prove very resilient to each and every one of the Birds' weapons and attacks. Henry would be hit by Starling with a car after which he would be unmasked, and then Poison Ivy would trap Henry in a freezer to keep him down. Henry would later be collected and frozen by Alfred Pennyworth. Although Henry escaped, it would be in vain as he ended up in the hands of Victor Fries himself. The sadistical madman then proceeded to torture Henry for information before making him live his second and final death.