The "Fatherless" Heretic was the clone of Damian Wayne and hence in turn "a child" of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul. A general of Leviathan, Heretic was one of the most powerful creatures in existance, being literally birthed from a whale, as well as one of the most sadistic. Desiring to usurp Damian's position in Talia's heart, Heretic murdered his "brother". This only resulted in a savaging beating at the hands of Batman for the Heretic and a beheading via Talia.

Biography Edit

Birthed from a whale in Yemen on the compound of Sheikh Ibn al Farouk, the Fatherless instantly began to attack the heroes around there. Nearly killing Spidra, but leaving Traktir alive, the Heretic retreated further into the compound. There he was confronted by Damian Wayne but declared that only later would his clone "know" him and fled Yemen. The Heretic was later present when Farouk's son killed the Sheik to become a child soldier of Leviathan.

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