The Highfather was the leader of the "benevolent" New Gods and led his people in New Genesis. Given his powers by a dying Sky Father, the Highfather vowed to lead by example and use the power he had been given fairly. However, later on in his age, especially to his own son Orion, the Highfather grew angrier. Nonetheless, to the likes of Hera, the Highfather remained his old self.

Biography Edit

Origins Edit

Ixaya, or as he was sometimes called, Izaya, was a fervent believer in the Old Gods, one of the billions of Mud-Grubbers. This was primarily because of how much he feared them and feared the death of his beloved wife, Avia. Despite his great benevolence, Ixaya's only friend, Avia's brother Uxas, was also quite abusive towards him. However, Ixaya continued to watch out for Uxas and was greatly disheartened when Uxas became Darkseid and killed the Old Gods. Darkseid's killing of the Old Gods resulted in Avia's death and a desperate Ixaya prayed to the Sky Father. Despite the Sky Father being unable to save Avia, he blessed Ixaya with his powers, making him the second New God after Darkseid. Ixaya attempted to reform Darkseid and change the world for the greater good with the being he once considered his brother, but after the former Uxas refused the two battled. Their battle created Apokolips. Ixaya, not willing for any more chaos left and founded New Genesis as a safe haven for the New Gods that would choose the side of good.

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