Holter was the leader of the Kings of the Sun.

Biography Edit

The main supplier of icarus, a drug thought wiped off Gotham City, Holter found a way to reproduce the drug through the metahuman Icarus Man. Ending up in an illicit relationship with Elena Aguila, Holter ended up fathering her daughter, Annie. Holter had off and on contact with Gotham throughout the years, being involved with icarus supplier Detective Spencer. Years later, when the Penguin went to war with Carmine Falcone, Holter moved the Kings of the Sun to Gotham City. There he began to sell icarus through the Squid, although their relationship was volatile at best. Holter also wanted to keep an eye on Elena and his daughter Annie. Holter's operations were at one point raided by the Squid's younger brother, Jonny Lo, and so he moved his base to the abandoned Kane Power Plant in the abandoned East End Waterfront. Holter later evenr escued Jonny from the Batman and delivered him back to the Squid. When Elena teamed with Bruce Wayne to revitalize the East End, Holter realized his icarus operations would be threatened and so he hired Jonny to execute her. Holter, growing paranoid, sent his spies after Sumo, a top lieutenant of the Squid. Eventually deciding to get his daughter to join his operation, Holter led a raid on the Squid's main base, killing the gangster and kidnapping Jonny. He then proceeded to cut out Jonny's tongue, reveal himself to Annie and help her execute Jonny. After learning the Icarus Man to have escaped, Holter and the Kings of the Sun went to capture him but were attacked and defeated by the Batman. Holter was then ironically himself killed by Gertrude, the Squid's giant squid.

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