Hugo Strange

Hugo Strange was one of the earliest foes of the Bruce Wayne incarnation of Batman. He collaborated with Sal Maroni at one time, but the Batman would bring an end to this partnership.

Biography Edit

A mad scientist and a therapist, Hugo Strange often wondered about the identity of Batman. To try and stop the Batman, he even worked with Sal Maroni at one point. Strange also became the therapist for Roy Harper.

Later on, doing underground criminal activities, Strange met his son, Eli. Together, the two attempted to steal from the Scarecrow, but were stopped by the Batman. Only Eli went to prison, though, as Hugo went free.

Hugo was then approached by Roy Harper on his troubles with Jason Todd. However, Hugo immediately sold out Harper and Starfire to the Untitled, and though he expected a reward, his cowardice did not grant him any. Going missing, Hugo returned when the Secret Society asked for him to join their ranks, which he did.